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Promac (since 1963) is a Dutch based maritime supplier and service provider


Promac B.V. (since 1963) is a Dutch based maritime supplier and service provider. Promac is well known for its reliable propulsion- and manoeuvring systems, innovative marine deck cranes and qualitative lifesaving systems for both seagoing and inland vessels. Promac is also known for its extensive range of water treatment systems, such as fresh water, bilge and sewage treatment.

Besides that Promac is a leading manufacturer in cooling and freezing systems such as flake and liquid ice systems, plate freezing and ice blast systems.

Promac offers 24/7 service support to its customers worldwide. A team of experienced service engineers is always standby for maintenance, approvals and repair. Promac also offers a 24/7 spare parts delivery service.


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The Netherlands

E-mail: info@promac.nl

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