10 R.O. watermaking units from scratch to delivery within 6 weeks

Designing and assembling Reversed Osmosis watermaking units is ‘everyday’s business’ at Promac. But the delivery from scratch of 10 R.O.-units of 16 m3/24hrs within 6 weeks is even for Promac a real challenge. It asked for a keen and flexible play between design, purchasing and assembly. And – even slight sooner than we promised - on Monday June 23, the final 7 R.O.-units left our workshop in Zaltbommel. Tested and approved.


The well-known Belgian dredging company Deme ordered the 10 R.O-units. Being contracted to work in polar conditions Deme didn’t want to be dependent on third parties for their water supply. So on every ship involved in this operation a R.O-unit must be installed.


Being installed on different type of ships Deme chose for a compact design. The installation of the R.O.-units is supervised by a Promac-engineer. A comprehensive training by Promac enables the crew to keep the units in good operation.


Together with a balanced package of spare parts and consumables the availability of sufficient potable water is guaranteed.


Promac wishes Deme a safe and successful journey up North.



Technical characteristics of the Promac Aquaset ECON16S60


  • Compact design: 1.500mm, 720mm, 960mm
  • Capacity: 16m3/24hrs
  • Weight: 270 kg
  • Sandfilter with automatic backwash
  • Cartridge filters
  • Cleaning tank
  • Anti scalent dosing
  • AC-filter
  • Rehardening filter
  • Chlorine dosing unit


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