Promac and EPE (Greece) join forces

Promac has strengthened the portfolio with two series of oily water separators. Both series are of European design and make. At the same time the series are offered at very competitive pricing.
“In terms of price-performance this proposition is the best in the European market. Our OWS-series fills the gap between European quality and Asian pricing”, says Jan Kerstens, commercial director of Promac.
His confidence is also based upon the market response. Even before the official introduction Promac sold over 5 units to several yards. “Our delivery time is short. But we also have some OWS-units on stock.”
The OWS-units are designed and build by Environmental Protection Engineering (EPE S.A., Greece).The established family-owned company is specialized in
water treatment systems for decades, one of them being oily water separators.
The oily water separators come in two series.

The Poseidon Evo performs according to the present regulations: <15ppm.
The recently introduced Poseidon-Fit applies already to the future regulations: <5ppm.
The capacity range for both series is almost the same: 0,5m3/h - 10m3/h.
The newest Poseidon-Fit starts at 0,25m3/h.


System characteristics

  • IMO approved (both Evo & Fit)
  • High manufacturing quality; marine type system able to resist wear and tear at marine environment conditions
  • Simple and automatic operation
  • For Evo: effluent Oil Content less than 5 ppm under all test conditions
  • Self-cleaning through automatic backwash
  • Approved for all grades of Oil
  • Compact volume and footprint
  • Low operation costs (energy and maintenance)
  • Also available in stainless steel



More Info: +31(0)418-683333 and ask for Mr. Peter Visser


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