Flake Ice Equipment

Especially for the fishing industry Promac manufactures a wide range of cooling and freezing installations. These products also serve many industrial companies.

The Promac flake ice makers types RVE 702 S, 1702 S and 3102 S have been designed specifically for seagoing use in the fishing industry. They offer ideal conditions for trouble free use onboard fish trawlers at sea, where the quality of the catch highly depends on the availability of ice to assure continuous refrigeration.


Promac Flake Ice Equipment


  • Flake Ice Installations from 600 kgs/24hr up to 20 tons/24 hr
  • Horizontal flake ice systems
  • Vertical flake ice systems


Equipment & features

  • Suitable for freshwater and seawater freezing
  • Non corroding evaporator for installation in the salt containing ambiance at sea: machine housing in non corroding V4A stainless steel
  • Water tank slap over protection for trouble free operation also in rough sea
  • Switchbox with control panel included
  • For connection into an existing refrigeration system
  • Compact size


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