Slurry Ice Installations

Main features of the Promac Slurry ice installation are:


  • Constant flow of high quality ice production
  • Ice capacity is manually adjustable between 4 and 18 tons (10 to 50% concentration)
  • Optimum contact between the product and ice results in a strong heat transfer and a short cooling down period to guarantee optimum secured fish conditions
  • Easy to operate by easy to understand construction
  • Applicable to all kind of fishery and fishing industry
  • Fed by seawater


Promac Flake Ice Equipment


Benefits of the Promac Slurry ice installations:


  • Promac designs and manufactures at own factory!
  • Liquid ice will be transferred and stored easily
  • Small designs for multipurpose built in applications
  • Durable and energy saving components
  • Promac is an official European Certified Refrigeration Company by Regulation EG 842/2006 and Lloyd’s ISO 9001 : 2008 certified


Promac offers 24/7 worldwide support and services:

  • 24 hours service by experienced technicians
  • System design on customer specific requirements
  • For services and assistance direct contact with the Promac designer and manufacturer
  • Repair and certification services


Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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