Fire Fighting Systems

Promac offers FiFi systems for escort tugs, supply vessels and fire boats with various arrangements and requirements. The scope of supply includes fire pumps with monitors and control systems. In addition foam, deluge and dispersant systems can be supplied optionally. Integrated gearboxes with fire pumps are available to fit in reduced spaces.
Promac Fire Fighting Systems

FiFi pump
The fire pumps are connected to the main engine with step-up gears, electric motors or diesel direct driven. We also offer special developments of close pump/gearbox combinations.

Promac Fire Fighting Systems 
Promac Fire Fighting Systems
Our monitors are available in different sizes to fulfill the FiFi class requirements with regard to throw length and height. The monitors can be manual or electric/hydraulic controlled. A special jet/fog nozzle gives fixed or stepless variable capacity and foam capabilities. FiFi pump with speed increasing gearbox and Multi PTO’s gearbox with integrated FiFi pump.
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