Offshore & Harbor Cranes

Promac cranes have been specifically designed and manufactured to work in a marine environment and adopt all the best solutions to make them resistant to the corrosive atmosphere of the marine environment. Whether you are in the fishing, fish farming, cargo handling, naval vessels, tugs, dredging, or offshore oil industry sector, we offer the best product range and level of support to meet your needs.


Promac is confident in finding solutions for the most complicated and challenging situations, whether you’re in the process of building or replacing existing cranes. Within the technical possibilities we’ll find, design and produce the right solution!



Promac has a range of standard offshore and harbor cranes as well as special designs for the more complicated working situations.


We offer various types of offshore cranes

  • Stiff boom
  • Knuckle boom
  • Foldable knuckle boom
  • Telescopic crane


You can choose from different types of control systems:

  • Radio remote control
  • Winch 
  • Man riding
  • Active heave compensation


Promac Offshore Cranes


Tailor made cranes
Sometimes our clients need a custom designed and tailor made solution for their vessel. Whatever your problem, we’ll find a solution that’s technically possible.
Some examples:

  • When a job needs a heavy duty crane but the vessel can only take a limited weight: Promac will design a crane made of lighter steel but with the necessary capacity for the job
  • Cranes especially developed for laying pipelines
  • When working with fuels you’ll need a crane that meets special fireproof conditions


Please contact us for more information and challenge us if you have a special situation!



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