10 R.O. watermaking units from scratch to delivery within 6 weeks

Designing and assembling Reversed Osmosis watermaking units is ‘everyday’s business’ at Promac.


Promac and EPE (Greece) join forces

NEW: Two series of Oily Water Separators. Promac has strengthened the portfolio with two series of oily water separators.


Effer marine cranes available now!

For immediate delivery we have a Effer marine crane 440M 5S available as well aa a 275M 5S.

About us

Promac B.V. (since 1963) is a Dutch based maritime supplier and service provider. Promac is well known for its reliable propulsion- and manoeuvring systems, innovative marine deck cranes and qualitative lifesaving systems for both seagoing and inland vessels. Promac is also known for its extensive range of water treatment systems, such as fresh water, bilge and sewage treatment.