Controllable Pitch Propulsion Systems

Promac controllable pitch propulsion systems are available in various sizes and combinations of propeller hubs/reduction gearboxes. Complete systems in the output range from 1,000 kW up to approx. 7,000 kW and gearboxes with C.P. propellers in the output range up to approx. 15,000 kW.


Promac Controllable Pitch Propulsion Systems


Suitable for all prime movers

Our wide range of reduction rations allows the ACG system to be connected to:

  • low, medium and high speed diesel engines
  • electric motors


Promac Controllable Pitch Propulsion Systems


Power take offs
Single or multiple P.T.O.‘s are available in various configurations, and can be delivered with or without separate clutches. 

Single, twin or triple P.T.O.’s are available for generator and pump drive. The single version can be delivered with two gear rations to achieve constant speed on shaft generator, when two engine speeds are required.


Promac Controllable Pitch Propulsion Systems


Cost saving installations

Easy fitting/alignment:

  • self-contained, freestanding reduction gearbox including: clutch, thrust-bearing, pitch servomotor, oil pump, common pitch/lub. Oil pump and built on remote control actuator.
  • shaft coupling directly flanged to the reduction gearbox.

The integration of several functions within the self-contained reduction gearbox makes fitting and alignment simple. External piping and mechanical connections are minimized, saving time and cost during installation and maintenance.



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