Rudder & Steering Gear

Promac is a key supplier of rudder systems and steering gears for inland and seagoing vessels of every type. Our staff and service team will assist you from the early beginning of the project throughout the entire lifetime of the vessel. Our range of supply includes complete rudder systems and steering gears, designed to meet your specific demands:


  • Design and calculation in compliance with classification regulations
  • Fabrication and delivery of rudder blades, rudder stocks, trunk sections and carrier bearings, including sealing
  • Ram type steering gear
  • Commissioning



Rudder Systems


Promac full spade rudder has the following characteristics:

  • Various rudder types available for inland shipping and seagoing vessels
  • Optimum course stability and manoeuvring capability
  • Economic design
  • Reliable fabrication
  • Reduced maintenance
Promac Rudder & Steering Gear
Steering Gear

Promac offers ram type steering gears, designed for small spaces. We are able to design a system according to your needs driven by electro hydraulic pump units and P.T.O. driven hydraulic pump units. 
The steering gears are equipped with a rudder steering system (NFU tiller) and can be actuated via Auto pilot or Follow Up control system. A rudder angle indicating system can optionally be supplied.

Promac Rudder & Steering Gear
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