Water Treatment

Promac has a long history in the development and production of onboard water treatment installations for both the production of drinking water and the treatment of waste water.


Drinking water
In the 1980’s Promac developed its first water treatment installation for making potable drinking water, using reverse osmosis. It proved very successful on board of seagoing fishery vessels as well as passenger ships. In later years we developed mobile drinking water units for the Royal Dutch Land Forces, built in special containers and put on trucks so they can be used for UN missions worldwide.

Nowadays we develop and custom build water treatment installations for any special situation or location, such as offshore platforms. Please contact us if you need potable drinking water for another special situation or location as we like to be challenged! If technically possible, we’ll find the solution.


Waste water
Promac also offers a wide variety of waste water treatment installations for all kinds and sizes of vessels. We supply purifiers of bilge water, greywater and ballast water before it is put overboard.


Standard installations up to 8m³ per 24 hours can be supplied within one week!

Please contact us if you have any queries or would like more information.


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