Ballast Water Treatment Systems

Promac-Erma First BWTS series are the cost effective solution for ship-owners in treating their ballast water according to the IMO-regulations. The modular concept of the BWTS-series is based upon four principles: effectiveness, compact footprint, competitive pricing and low operational costs.

It’s modular design make the Promac-Erma First BWTS-series perfectly suited for retrofit. The system is certified for operation in low salinity.


Promac-Erma First Fit

Promac-Erma First FIT is an advanced modular system that was developed to exceed all the special installation requirements either for New Building vessels or especially any retrofit project. It covers an extensive capacity range from 50 to 3000 m³/hr.


The major components of the system are a high-end backwash filter and an electrolytic cell with outstanding performance under the most demanding conditions.

During ballasting, the upcoming water goes through the filter where particles and organisms larger than 40µm will be removed and drained back to the sea. The filtered water will then enter to the Electrolytic Cell, where the active substance is produced, by applying low voltage direct current, to a certain concentration adequate to disinfect all the living organisms in the ballast water.


De-ballasting: no treatment necessary

For the de-ballasting of the vessel there is no need to use the system; it is completely by-passed and the water can be discharged directly overboard.




IMO type & Class approval.

The  system holds IMO Type Approval from the Greek Administration and LR Class Type Approval.



All necessary land-based and ship-board tests for USCG Type Approval are successfully completed. Our system is one of the very few that has finished successfully the USCG-tests. The collaborating Independent Laboratory (IL) is National Scientific Foundation (NSF).


The system was granted AMS acceptance on March 31st 2015.



- Simple, Flexible and Compact

- Suitable for all pump capacities

- Suitable for all available spaces

- Suitable for Fresh Water (0,9 PSU Salinity) and Low Temp. Waters (3oC)

- Low Power Consumption in Various Waters (1,8 kW/100m3 at 30 PSU)

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